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Dent Care Medical Center
Process Explained!

As cost calculator include six steps, let us describe the four process in details for you to understand how we process our dental operation in professional manners.

Step 1

Checkup First

First we ask the customer about his dentist requirement, depending on his answer we make the check up , which will give us the right confirmation for actual need to eliminate any miss understanding or wrong prescription, checkup is a must first process before any other.

Step 2

Confirmed Medical After Checkup

After we confirm the medical need for each customer and understand his requirement, we then complete the next step which is opening a dental file with our medical center. This file will include all the customers details and line mile for his dental treatment.

Step 3

Finishing the treatment.

Patient must be satisfied all time and we make sure for this to happen; patient should not only meet the expectation but as well as exceed it. With our professional dentist we are very proud of what our patient can be achieved.

Step 4

After treatment Calls

After all is done perfectly and our patient are very satisfied, we at dent care medical center do not stop at that stage, we do call our patient regularly to greet them well and check their health or if the facing any issue with our medical result.

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